5 comentarios el “Target

  1. I think qri simgs the my target parts or at least part of borams bridge, she simgs so,ewhere else. It wouldnt be even.

      • yes, it is her voice, but in Bunny Style, her voice says: “Banisuta, banisuta oh, banisuta bunny style”, and then, she doesn’t sing it in live. I think that this is equal, but I’m going to wait to see the live version of Target for sure

  2. No its qri for sure. Didnt u see lives for bunny style shes the one that leads the line. I think its her line, and also i think hyomin sings the other half of boram line, the boy freeze line. Plz change it to qri.

  3. Just saying. In the pic u have on twitter, with captions areum has step next to her hyomin has stop next to her and qri has my target next to her. Just saying.


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